Beauty Products Catalog
Table of Contents

Patriot Shears & Implements (USA Made)
Pink Line (Devoted to Breast Cancer Research)
Aids for Daily Living (Products for the Senior Market)
Green Line (Recycled Stainless Steel)
Round Body Implement Line
Soft Grip Implement Line
Professional Diamond Shears (New Models)
Plasma Coated Diamond Shears
Left-Handed Professional Diamond Shears
Professional Diamond Shears
Professional Diamond Shears (Sets)
More Professional Diamond Shears
Professional Long Grooming Shears
Mid-Range Shears & Thinners
Economy Shears (Ice Tempered)
Economy Long Grooming Shears
Economy Plastic Handed Shears
Straight Razors
Razors / Hair Shapers
New Razors
Professional Cuticle Nippers
Economy Cuticle Nippers
Acrylic Nippers
Nail Cutters
Silk & Fiberglass Scissors
Nail & Cuticle Scissors
New Nail Care Tools
Nail & Cuticle Pushers
Nail Care Tools / Nail Files
Professional Eyebrow Tweezers
Economy Personal Care Tweezers
Skin Care Implements / Comedone Extractors
Cosmetic Accessories
Foot Care Tools
New Foot Care Tools
Body Piercing Tools
Hair Extension Tools
Stainless Steel Salon Holloware
Manicure Sets (Professional)
Manicure Sets
New Leather Cases
Cases (Leather & Vinyl)
New Retail Display Units
Pre-Packaged Assortments
Retail Display Units
Packaging Options
New Items
Damascus Steel Razors
Planogram-- OTC/Ethnic Beauty
Color Chart

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